Stroller Pushchair Pram

Baby Buggy Pram Car Seat 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair Stroller Newborn

Baby Buggy Pram Car Seat 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair Stroller Newborn
Baby Buggy Pram Car Seat 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair Stroller Newborn

Baby Buggy Pram Car Seat 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair Stroller Newborn

Our baby pram includes chassis, carrycot, sport seat, diaper bag, changing mat, cup holder, hood, armrests, seat covers, shopping basket, coasters, rain cover, mosquito net, safety bar, and breathable and hypoallergenic mattress. From 6 months of you can use it as a stroller. The stroller has a reversible seat that can be used in both ways of travel.

The extendable hood has a system that repels liquids. This pram is perfect for those looking for beauty and an exceptional first trolley for their little ones. Largo is a collection of functional, safe, and colourful prams. For an extra luxurious feel, the handle is covered in eco-leather that is very soft in touch. Another advantage of this pram is its comfortable, well-suspended frame, which is extremely easy to use.

The easy assemble system will be appreciated by every mum and dad. The upholstery of the pram is made from the highest quality impregnated fabrics that are child-friendly. The interior of the gondola is filled with hypoallergenic cotton fabric. Upholstery can be removed for washing. In addition, it has a sun visor with UVA 30+ protection.

We designed the pram to support parents and children from birth to 3 years. It is well adapted to the needs of your growing child - you start with a carrycot with the stroller frame. When you decide that the child is big enough and ready to sit during walks, you mount a comfortable seat backward or forward-facing. Can you want something more?

Our baby prams includes all innovative technologies. Carrycot, sport seat and car seat can be attached rearward and forward-facing. The suspension is the element that is responsible for the shock-free travel. It will provide your baby calm sleeping.

The Shock Stop system used in our prams reduces unpleasant vibrations. It comprises two elements: rear wheel suspension and additional side suspension. The pram is ready to use practically as soon as it is unpacked (simply unfold the frame, fit the wheels and attach the carrycot) - you don't need to screw a single screw. The pram is equipped with a large shopping basket, adjustable eco-leather adjustable handle, sun protector. The central brake is easy to use - it can be engaged or disengaged with just one move. The car seat has a removable hood and foot cover and can be used as a crandle. Foldable and ventilated canopy of the carrycot. A capacious, zipped bag - you can attach it to the pram frame or take it with you. Durable and easy to clean footrest. Removable canopy of the sport seat. Sport seat can be attached rearward and forward-facing.

Your baby can sit facing you (so you can talk to them and keep eye on them) or seat backwards to you and look at their surroundings from the front (as they get older and more interested in the world around them). The canopy has a ventilation window. By ventilating the pram properly, you protect your child from overheating in hot weather and provide plenty of ventilation and fresh air. An extra apron keeps your baby warm on colder days. The pram has soft gel, puncture-proof wheels so you can use it all-terrain.

The front lockable swivel wheels allow taking corners very easy. Rain cover and insect cover. The carrycot has a soft and cosy washable mattress and four-stage back rest adjustment.

Diaper bag, changing mat, car seat adaptors, cup holder. Compliant with all safety standards. Easy folding and unfolding of the pram. Easy to push and drive.

Our stroller 3 in 1 is a well-designed travel system. We designed the stroller to support parents and children from birth to 3 years.

Features: -forward & rear-facing mode -car seat attachable onto the chassis -ventilation window at the back of the hood -gondola has a soft lining that can be removed for washing -gondola cover can be lifted up to create a wind catcher -extended, removable hood -5 point safety harness -laminated footrest -multilevel adjustable handle -adjustable suspension -sturdy frame -adjustable leg and backrest -central brake EASY STOP -big shopping basket Pram suitability 0-3years Car seat up to 10kg Car seat features: -additional insert for infants -adjustable handle -foot cover -detachable hood -three-point safety belts Set contains: -frame with eco-leather handle -gondola with adjustable backrest -seat unit -two foot covers (for stroller and gondola) -multifunctional car seat with adaptors -rain cover -mosquito net -bag and changing mat -soft, gel puncture-proof wheels(all terrain) -bottle handle -big pocket at the back of the bag and two small on the sides Collapsed frame with wheels (length x width x height): 85x60x40cm Assembled pram (height x width x length): 115x60x95cm Gondola inside (width x length x height): 36x80x20cm Stroller inside (width x back rest length x seat length x footrest length): 34x48x26x23cm Frame with wheels: 10kg Stroller: 15kg Deep pram: 16kg Range of regulated handle: 70cm to 115cm Pram: EN 1888:2019 Safety approved Car seat ECE 44-04 Safety approved 12-month guarantee. Unwanted, damaged items must be sent back within 30 a day period of receipt of the goods. To enable us to authorise a return you must notify by contacting our customer services.

Most cases we will reply your message within 24 hours. We will rectify any problem. All of our products are sent along with their tracking numbers. The number will not be used for marketing purposes.

We try to do our best to satisfy all our customers. That is why we offer only the highest quality products of leading producers from the UK and entire Europe. Should you have any questions, we are at your disposal and we offer help in any matter. Your satisfaction and the happiness of your children are our priorities.

Baby Buggy Pram Car Seat 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair Stroller Newborn